Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Staff Link to Ambulance No. 93

We were excited to be sent these pictures of Mat Delaney who was rostered on to work in the Starlight Fund “PB” ambulance recently. Mat is the partner of one of Online Republic’s staff members. 

Mat explained that it is great to work in the new ambulance that has all the latest gear. Typically St Johns is dealing with a lot of winter illness this time of the year with respiratory illnesses increasing over the cold months. In one 12 hour shift Mat and his team helped a 3 month old child with a chest infection, assisted in the birth of a newborn baby in the back of the ambulance, attended a (thankfully) minor car accident, helped an elderly person with respiratory infections and came to the rescue of a woman with a brain condition, amongst other call-outs.

Mat is a full-time paramedic with St Johns and we are glad to be helping amazing people like him, help out our family, friends and community.

Mat said that there aren’t many ambulances in the central Auckland area that are sponsored outright by an organisation. It does happen a bit more frequently in the rural areas where someone may leave a legacy to build an ambulance. Online Republic would like to put it out there – if anyone in business in Auckland is reading this, to band together with others and sponsor the build of a St Johns ambulance – they need to keep building new ambulances every year to keep up with the wear-and-tear of the vehicles.

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