Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Additional Funds Raised For St John

By Sept 2013 the St John Starlight Fund Ambulance No. 93 had already responded to over 2,788 incidents.

So in early October 2013 staff at Online Republic had a “Bake Off” to report on the ambulance's activity, raise awareness of the project for new and current staff as well as raise funds for ambulance supplies. The Bake Off was a huge hit. Staff were able to sample baking entries for a donation then vote for the best baking. The winner was rewarded with a cool baking recipe book and a miniature ambulance.

Staff gave generously and donations were matched by Online Republic making a total of $7,000 to donate to St John. The money was used to fund two fully equipped intensive care kits to help save lives.

St John Intensive Care Paramedics are equipped with a Response Kit they use for every call out no matter what the emergency is. They do not leave the vehicle without it and without these packs they can not do their jobs. Everything inside is a consumable and needs to be replaced regularly and at times daily. It's good to know St John is there if needed.

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