Monday, 5 May 2014

Donation to Alfred Hospital, Melbourne, Australia.

The Starlight Fund was set up to honour Paul Ballantyne who passed from this world in January 2011. While living in Melbourne, Australia, Paul had experienced severe headaches and was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma which had metastasized in his brain.

Paul had a high-risk brain tumor operation within days of his diagnosis. The surgeon did a fantastic job, but sadly the tumor returned a few months later and a second brain operation was required. By this time however the cancer was throughout his body and Paul lost his fight with cancer around 6 months after his diagnosis.

Paul was extremely grateful for the quality of the care he received from Alfred staff and had nothing but praise for the nurses, doctors and surgeons.

To thank the Alfred Hospital for their care of Paul, early in 2014, Paul’s brother and sister-in-law, Mike and Jen Ballantyne donated funds towards the purchase of much needed neurological microsurgery surgical instruments.

We hope that in providing these instruments, the "rock star" surgeons, as Paul referred to them, will be able to help improve and save the lives of others. 

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